October 2019 Arts Educator of the Month: Avram Walters

We are so thrilled to introduce you to our October 2019 Arts Educator of the Month, Mr. Avram Walters. Avram is a fantastic high school art teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, D.C.  


He is a well-loved teacher and colleague.  He routinely goes above and beyond to support his students and the staff.  His art is brilliant, relevant and meaningful.  

Avram was nominated by a school counselor at his school, Ramona Robertson.  Read her nomination below to learn more about the incredible work that he is doing in his role as art teacher! 

Congratulations, Mr. Walters!  Thank you for your vital contributions to arts education. 


Why do you think this arts educator deserves to be nominated?


 Mr. Walters is always willing to go the extra mile with his students. He is always there to greet his student with a positive attitude and encouraging word.


Tell us how this arts educator has gone above and beyond to help students.

 When I had a senior student that was self-sabotaging and jeopardizing his graduation, with a deficit of .50 in Art, Mr. Walters personally stepped in to support and mentor that student through one of the most difficult times in his life.


How would students describe this arts educator?

 Students would describe Mr. Walters as fun, caring, considerate, collaborative and inspiring.


Please share the innovative and creative ways that this educator is teaching the arts.

He uses various medias, cultures and tools to work with his student.  He has used his students to help create beautiful murals on our campus.  In addition, he offered a professional development for the entire staff that helped us become more mindful using the arts. He had the staff draw faces, put on relaxing music and showed us firsthand how the arts can help us all relax and focus.


What distinguishes this arts educator from their peers?

 He's not afraid to meet the kids where they are and take they where they need to go. You can put the most challenging student in his class and he always welcomes them with a warmth that is touching.  He truly cares about the students and uses the arts to help engage and connect with them.