"Jerry is the type of educator who passionately believes in excellence and has an extraordinary power to make it manifest in all he does. His spirit and dedication to education, and particularly arts education, are contagious. There has never been a time in the decade that I have known and worked with him that he didn’t produce incredible results – and I’m 100% certain all the work he’ll do with CORE Arts Consulting will be no different!"

                                         -- Lindsay Malanga, Head of School

              Harlem Hebrew Language Academy Charter School


"Jerry is one of the most dedicated artists and educators I've ever worked with. He is truly passionate about his work and believes whole-heartedly in the power of arts education as a transformative force. His work is singularly focused to ensure that teachers and students have access to cohesive and high-quality arts curriculum and programming from elementary school through high school."

                   -- Danielle Liebling, Director of K-12 Curriculum

                                               Democracy Prep Public Schools


"Jerry Phelps is one of the best classroom teachers and leaders I have ever seen in action. But rather than just impact the handful of students in his classroom, he has taken his prowess as a teacher and leader, his esteem for children and love of the arts and translated that into a business that provides superior curriculum and program development for thousands of lucky students around the country."

                         -- Alice Maggin, Director of Communications

                                                       THE Boys' Club of New York

"I cannot recommend working with Jerry Phelps highly enough. Jerry built the music program at our school from scratch. He understands how to build an arts program that supports a culture of excellence across the school. He seamlessly integrated his class into the rest of our academic program and enhanced all aspects of our school from his work. "

                      -- Margaret Marrer, Assistant Superintendent

                                               Democracy Prep Public Schools

"Working with CORE Arts helped our brand new school start, day one, with a strong, foundational arts curriculum in place. I worked with Jerry to align our ELA, Social Studies and Arts curriculum, and the product has been a joy to watch unfold. Our burgeoning artists have learned music theory, created thoughtful self-portraits, and begun to connect themes they're learning in class novels to the history they're learning in Social Studies through our arts program. Jerry's deep content knowledge has allowed us to build an arts program that not only asks students to produce art, but to think rigorously about the art that they're creating. "

                      -- justin Smith, director of curriculum & INstruction