Curriculum DESIGN & Development

Many school and organization leaders find themselves at a loss when it relates to the content their arts education teachers should be teaching. Let us help you develop a custom curriculum for your school or organization to maximize teacher and student potential.

Program design & SUSTAINABILITY

Do you have wonderful arts education teachers but are a bit confused about how each one aligns with the other or overall school and organization goals? Perhaps you would like a robust after-school arts program and aren't sure of exactly how to accomplish it. We can design a program for you that is aligned in all ways to ensure program quality and sustainability. 

Teacher coaching & EVALUATION

We often hear, "I don't know what to look for in my arts teachers' classrooms." We can provide one-on-one or group teacher coaching for you. Or, we can create a teacher coaching and evaluation model for you to use in your own school or organization.

We offer a variety of professional development opportunities for arts teachers. Single session and multi-session series of professional development packages are available, both virtually using video chat and in person. 

Professional Development



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