CORE Arts Consulting is a New York City-based education consulting firm specializing in arts education services for schools and organizations. Our CORE belief is that a quality arts education is a right for all and that the arts are CORE to our existence. The ways in which we see, experience, navigate, and identify with the world are profoundly shaped by the arts.



C - We are innately creative beings. We desire to think creatively and innovate using original ideas to identify and solve problems.

O - We are original. We each have original thoughts and ideas. The power to harness our originality through the arts is limitless.

R - The melodic and percussive sounds of our day. The rhythmic movement of hundreds of millions of human beings crossing paths and intersecting lives. Even if we tried, we cannot escape rhythm. It is part of who we are and everything we do.

E - We are expressive beings. The way we communicate, in the written word, verbally, non-verbally, is solely determined by the way we express our ideas, thoughts, and emotions.



To shift the collective mindset away from the idea that arts education is extra and refocus its potential by creating sustainable arts programs that are accessible to all students.



With more than a decade of classroom teaching experience and a proven track record of arts education program development nationally, Jerry Phelps is a sought-after arts education professional specializing in curriculum design, program design and development, professional development, teacher coaching, and organizational sustainability. In addition to a variety of classroom and private teaching experiences, Phelps most recently served as the Director of Arts Education and eventually the Director of Co-Curricular Programs for Democracy Prep Public Schools. In these positions, he managed and oversaw the development and growth of dozens of school-based arts education programs, national award-winning speech and debate programs, and physical education and athletic programs across the nation. Among his awards and recognition, Phelps was named a quarter finalist by the RECORDING ACADEMY© and THE GRAMMY FOUNDATION© for the inaugural Music Educator Award. As a seasoned singer and performer, Phelps can be seen on stage frequently throughout New York City in a variety of solo shows and one-off performances. Phelps currently serves as the Principal Consultant for the New York City-based arts education consulting firm, CORE Arts Consulting.